Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key!
Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key


We provide the AI tools and you “bring your own OpenAI API key”

There is NO markup pricing here. You pay OpenAI directly. Click the button below to see a real example invoice from OpenAI.

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Join us inside the AI Playground Club! it was uniquely created for all enthusiasts of affiliate marketing, like us. We have crafted this easy-to-use platform where you can use your own API key to not only create a variety of images, but also write high-quality articles and create PDFs, blog posts and even assist with coding. We knew from our own experiences that these tools were needed, and we made sure you have them at your fingertips. A like-minded ground of online marketer’s needed a service like this so the “AI Playground Club was born.

Experience our remarkable platforms now:

  • Dall-e 2 Image Creator – to bring your visualizations to life!
  • Fine Art Image Creator – to unleash your inner Picasso!
  • Simple Image Editor – to lend that fine touch to every image!
  • Advanced Image Creator – for more advanced users!
  • Code Playground – to hone your coding skills amidst fun!
  • PDF Creator – for perfect file formatting and document creation!

These, and a multitude of other amazing features await you, turning your tasks into a delightful experience. Sign up to our members area and claim your ticket to the AI Playground Club today!

100% Online Based AI APPS

Experience Innovation and Fun with YOUR own AI PDF, Code & Image Generating Machines! Step into the Future by joining “The AI Playground Club”. Works in your browser, nothing to download.

Only pay your own OpenAI API consumption. Add your OpenAI key and start using our in-house built & maintained AI tools.

AI PDF Creator

Trained AI Assistants

We have trained a full line-up of AI assistants to provide solid information to create PDF files.

Add Images Too

What would a PDF be without images? You simply drag your images from your local drive and publish.

Play VideoBoost your efficiency with our innovative AI to PDF creator! This tool isn’t just a PDF converter, it’s a personal assistant powered by OpenAI, which produces accurate and intuitive responses to your queries, making the documentation process smoother and faster. You can easily input your required data, include images, and watch as the AI seamlessly transforms it into a well-formatted text for your PDF.

Spend less time on stress-heavy manual documentation, and more time on what truly matters – your productivity. With our AI to PDF creator, you’re not just joining our members area, you’re investing in time effectiveness and achieving unparalleled precision in your tasks. Own it now and redefine the way you handle paperwork.

AI Image Creators

Fine Art Creator

We have a great “fine art” creator. You can create some really unique art for sale or to use in your projects.

Dall-e 2 Image Creator

What would an AI playground be without the good ‘ole Dall-e 2 image creator? Enter prompt and generate custom images.

Play VideoThere are some exciting new AI tools available that allow you to easily generate unique fine art. One tool is a specialty fine art creator that allows you to input text prompts and generate completely original artistic images. This is perfect for artists or designers who need unique artwork for projects or to sell commercially. The tool is intuitive to use and can produce quality abstract artwork, portraits, landscapes, and more based on your prompt.

Another popular AI art tool is Dall-E 2, which also generates images from text prompts. This advanced tool can create very photorealistic and detailed artwork based on your input. From still life paintings to surreal fantasy landscapes, Dall-E 2 is flexible enough to produce high quality images for a wide range of creative needs. With the right prompts, it can generate unique artwork perfect for anything from book covers to t-shirt designs. Between specialty fine art creators and versatile tools like Dall-E 2, AI is making it easier than ever for creators to access visually stunning original artwork.

AI Code Playground

Universal Coding

If you are “good” at coding, our tuned AI coder can make you better Enter your question and go!

Learn & Improve

Have you ever wondered how certain code works and what it does? Simply paste it in and ask.

Play VideoFor coders looking to improve their skills, there are new AI-powered tools that can provide assistance and education. One is a universal coding tool that leverages tuned AI to help coders get better. You can enter any coding question or prompt, and receive knowledgeable explanations and code examples in response. This allows coders to quickly fill gaps in their knowledge and get context for how different code functions. The tool is ideal for when you need a deeper understanding of code snippets or programming concepts.

Another beneficial AI coding tool focuses specifically on learning and improving coding abilities. It allows you to paste in any code sample, and ask questions about how it works and what it does. The AI will provide detailed, human-like explanations of the code’s purpose and function. For programmers wanting to sharpen their skills, it’s an easy way to get a fuller understanding of code. The tool helps coders grasp concepts more quickly, enabling them to write better code. Together, these AI coding assistants are making it simpler for programmers to upgrade their abilities.


We provide the AI tools and you “bring your own OpenAI API key”.
OpenAI Cost? Check out this real invoice from OpenAI:

View Sample OpenAI Invoice

Join us inside

We invite you to become a member of the AI Playground Club, an innovative community designed exclusively for affiliate marketing enthusiasts.

Our user-friendly platform puts groundbreaking AI technology directly into your hands. Generate custom images, write optimized content, and even get help with coding – all through simple API integration.

The Club House
The Club House

We are affiliate marketers

As experienced affiliate marketers ourselves, we understand the need for robust creation tools. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted the AI Playground Club to provide everything today’s online marketer requires, in one centralized hub.

Join our community of like-minded professionals and unlock the full potential of AI. With the AI Playground Club, you’ll have the most advanced digital marketing resources available, ensuring your success in this competitive landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get ahead. Become a member today and start leveraging artificial intelligence to maximize your affiliate marketing results.

AI Tools Built for Marketing

There are 1000’s of AI tools online and some of them are excellent! But the sad fact is most are not tuned for online marketing. Since we also use the same tools featured on this site for our own businesses, they are tuned to assist in making money.

We have trained a full line-up of AI PDF assistants which provide solid information to create PDF files.
What would an AI playground be without image creators? Standard and fine art creators, enter prompt and generate custom images.
Pro image editor. Crop, rotate or resize image. Easy to use image filters allows you to to create beautiful effects for your AI photos.
We have a AI code helper that we use daily in our businesses. It has saved us hours upon hours and many $$$$ not having to hire out.
The Club House

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We highly encourage you to take advantage of our pro level. Use the same tools that help us make money daily.

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We highly encourage you to take advantage of our pro level. Use the same tools that help us make money daily.

How to use “Bring Your Own” OpenAI API Key

Adding API Key

You bring your own API key, and it is stored ONLY in your browser locally, never online.

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